Spring Break 2010  


Acapulco Spring Break 2010!

Acapulco Spring BreakWhy plan your Spring Break in Acapulco? Well, you have the fantastic beaches and bays, the World famous nightlife. Acapulco, located on the Pacific Ocean, is a place of natural beauty, Acapulco has luxury hotels, gambling casinos, and fabulous beaches. Acapulco is open round the clock, you will always find something to do. The weather is warm between December and April but it gets hot, humid, and rainy from mid May thru November. In the winter months, a light sweater or jacket maybe needed, especially in the evening. If you shop around, you will find some great Acapulco spring break package deals. Acalpulco has some of the finest hotels and they may offer some Alcapulco vacation packages as well. You can visit the tourist shops, nightclubs and beaches - as they are all in the same locale. The reason many students plan Spring Break here is because the beautiful beaches the great clubs. If you are planning your spring break around the best nightclubs, then Acapulco may be the right choice for you. You will find many choices when it comes to dining in Acapulco, you can find something to satisfy any, and every appetite. You can try the local cuisine or just or order yourself a pizza.  The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18. The water in Acapulco is for the most part, safe and purified. However care should be taken to avoid Turista, which causes symptoms such as stomach discomfort. Although the water in the hotels is considered safe, you would be better off drinking bottled water, it si not worth risking ruining your spring break in acapulco.acapulco spring break

Spring Break Acapulco activities center around two main areas. Near the airport is the Playa Revolcadero/Diamante area this is known as the Diamond Zone or the "new" Acapulco. This long flat stretch of open ocean beach is home to the Mayan Palace, the Tres Vidas Golf Course, and several luxury apartment/condo projects.  You likely will not stay here, but there is a great beach here. The golden zone is a beatuiful mountain-framed natural harbor. This is the where it all the action is during your Spring Break Acapulco- with its resort strip and nearly all of Acapulco’s highrise hotels, non-stop nightlife, dining, and shopping.

Acapulco is the biggest and most boisterous resort town in Mexico. Its nightclubs and discos go all night and are second to no other clubs in the world. This is a photo from the amazing disco El Alebrije! 

Acapulco Spring Break has become very popluar. An Acapulco Spring Break offers over 16,000 room in 300 hotels and has some very high end resorts, as well as some inexpensive beachfront choices. Whatever your budget, you can make your Acapulco Spring Break a reality.

Citizens of the United States and Canada are required to present a valid passport or an official, state-issued birth certificate AND photographic identification, such as a driver's license. A tourist card that you get at the airport must be completed, presented upon entering Mexico, retained during your stay, and surrendered upon leaving Mexico. You can get a tourist card  at Mexican Consulates, travel agencies, or airline check-in counters.

You will need to change your dollars into Pesos. You can should be able to change money at your hotel. Banks and Currency exchange houses have exchange rates that are probably better than you will get at your hotel. Another option is to use your credit card, they usually get the best exchange rates.

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