Spring Break 2010  


South Beach Spring Break 2010!

A South Beach spring break is the perfect destination if you want to stay in US during your Spring Break trip. Spring Break South Beach, is all about the trendy Art Deco themes, Neon lights and the high fashion that is South Beach. South beach is a hot spot for all types of celebrities, who are drawn to its trendy restaruants and clubs. You may not find a more trendy city anywhere in the United States. If you are planning a South Beach south beach spring breakSpring Break, plan on dressing to impress when you go out. It is the place to see and be seen. Just make sure you bring enough cash, as this is not the cheapest spring break destination.

You can lay on the beach all day, with your drink in hand, and get yourself rested up for the non-stop nightlife that South Beach is know for. The clubs stay open till the wee morning hours. Just make sure to bring your ID, as they are very strict about checking ID's in South Beach. South Beach is not as liberal with Spring Breakers as Dayton or Panama City, but you can have a great time with a good looking and well rounded crowd.

South Beach is flat, which is perfect for in-line skating, a favorite activity amoung the South Beach locals. There is a city law against skating on the cafe-side of Ocean Drive during the evening hours You will see plenty of skaters along Lincoln Road. Llocal rental shops can help you plan a course for sightseeing and exercise. This is a great way to see South Beach.

South Beach BikiniThe best people watching beach in the world is in South Beach. Spring Break is prime time for seeing others and being seen on the famous strip of beach known as Lummus Park (also called Glitter Beach). It goes from 6th street up to 14th Street just off Ocean Drive. You will find beautiful clean sand and warm ocean waters here. Topless bathing is allowed! With brightly colored lifeguard stands, bathrooms, and changing houses this is a a great beach with all you need to have a perfect day working on your killer tan. If you get hungry Ocean Drive is just off the beach with fabulous cafes and restaurants. If you shop around, you will find some great South Beach spring break package deals. South Beach has some of the finest hotels and they may offer some great South Beach vacation packages as well.

During your spring break in South Beach, you can drink on the beach, as long as you are not using a glass bottle. The drinking age in Florida is 21 but you can get into the bars and clubs if you are 18 or older.  Florida does not allow open containers of alcoholic beverages in vechicles.

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